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Week One

Reclaim Your Game, Rewrite the Frame

14th February 2022

In Week 1 we’ll… 

  • Discover what Mojo is all about & why we begin your transformation from the inside out. 
  • Create a Weekly Life Plan aligned with your Value-based Directions.
  • Discover and activate your Secret Weapon for Excellence in Productivity to create massive momentum. 
Week Two

Diagnose & Design Your Life

21st February 2022

In Week 2 we’ll… 

  • Restore your belief in yourself, courage of your conviction & commitment to what truly matters. 
  • Take my SWOT Analysis to assess your current outlook. (Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds!) 
  • Complete the Fulfillment Score checklist to find out if you’re sustained or drained & what to do about it.
Week Three

Morning Routine for Inner Peace

28th February 2022

In Week 3 we’ll… 

  • Implement my Mind, Body, Soul Routine hundreds of women have used to create personal and professional success. 
  • Increase self-love, self-worth, self-esteem from your head to your feet.  
  • Play Self Care Bingo! You’ll love this one!
Week Four

Crystal Clear & Aligned with What Matters

7th March 2022

In Week 4 we’ll… 

  • Create your Value List and then fashion your life according to those values. 
  • Map out your vision, road towards personal and professional success (whatever that means to you!)
  • Discover your true purpose & how to lead others to become a living legacy!
Week Five

Value-driven Decision Making

14th March 2022

In Week 5 we’ll… 

  • Discuss what to do & when to do it so you make the most powerful progress possible.  
  • Learn techniques to go from passive to active & make decisions aligned with your values.
  • Learn the 4 key principles to move powerfully and swiftly from Desire to Destination.
Week Six

Purpose-driven Productivity

21st March 2022

In Week 6 we’ll…  

  • Open the vault of my own personal resources like my Recommended Reading List, Month and Yearly Budget Tracker and even my personal grocery list!
  • Create a Weekly Life Plan aligned with your Value-based Directions.
  • Clean out the clutter with the 10 Essential Tools for Productivity.
Week Seven

Always Time for What Matters

28th March 2022

In Week 7 we’ll…  

  • How to split your time evenly and efficiently between friends, family, personal and professional growth. 
  • Take the Freedom Test and learn how to NEVER act out of obligation again!
  • Create and LIVE out your ideal days with more room for JOY!
Week Eight

Prosperity, Abundance & Freedom

4th April 2022

In Week 8 we’ll…  

  • Put it all together with my True Believer Principles for dependable sustainable Mojo.  
  • Create a vision board that leads to a life of unapologetic freedom and purpose driven prosperity. 
  • Cultivate conviction and the stamina you need to maintain your Mojo, no matter what obstacles life throws your way.
Bonus Training!

For business leaders

11th April 2022

  • 14 Tips for Successful Business Owners 
  • Prospective Employee Interview Template 
  • Weekly Reflection & Progress Tracker
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I’m over the moon you’ve decided to join us in the More Mojo Program this year! 

I can’t wait to help you design a life of inner peace, personal power, purposeful productivity and prosperity from your passions. 

Xo, Christina

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