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Day 1: January 24th

Overcome the Overwhelm 

7am AEST

  • Identity energy leaks and time-wasters  
  • Take the powerful quiz to find out your personal Fulfillment Score + how to improve it
  • Ditch what drains you and instead do what sustains you
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Kickstart Creatives 2022_Mojo Kickstart Day 2

DAY 2: January 25th

Powerful Morning Routine

7am AEST

  • Why creating Your Body, Mind & Soul Routine is the BEST thing you can do for yourself
  • Cultivate an attitude of gratitude (and how it will change your whole life)
  • Leverage your body's natural energy cycle to wake up powerful and sleep peacefully!
  • My 9-step kick-ass morning routine backed by 15 years of personal productivity proof. 

Day 3: January 26th

Deliberate Decision Making 

7am AEST

  • Dive deep into what's holding you back (Are you self-sabotaging? Find out!)
  • Discover what really matters and ditch what doesn't
  • Go from reactive to proactive in your day-to-day life
Kickstart Creatives 2022_Mojo Kickstart Day 3
Kickstart Creatives 2022_Mojo Kickstart Day 4

Day 4: January 27th

Productive & Constructive

7am AEST

  • 10 game-changing productivity tools for personal and professional success
  • Banish the BS once and for all with my excuse-free, drama-free strategy that will set you free

Mojo Q&A

9am AEST

  • Dedicated LIVE Q&A with Christina! 

Day 5: January 28th

A Life of Unapologetic Freedom

7am AEST

  • Take the True Believer test and discover what it takes to create and maintain a Mojo Mindset!
  • Create powerful progress with the 5 True Believer Principles
  • Discover my Growth Formula for massive personal and professional success

Mojo Q&A

9am AEST

  • Dedicated LIVE Q&A with Christina! 
Kickstart Creatives 2022_Mojo Kickstart Day 5
Kickstart Creatives 2022_Mojo Kickstart Day 6png

February 1st


7am – 9am AEST

  • Join me for a celebration of everything we've accomplished together (Bring your BIG WINS -- you'll have many!) 
  • This is the final piece of the puzzle where we'll synthesize all 5-days worth of training to create the life you DESERVE! 
  • I'll show you how everything we've learned works together so you can continue achieving your personal and professional goals, even in this challenging environment. 
  • We'll have exciting surprise guests and you'll get the chance to win amazing prizes!



I can’t wait to see you January 24th

It's going to be amazing!!


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