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September 14th - 18th, 2020 in the US
September 15th - 19th, 2020 in Australia

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Overcome the Overwhelm

by Ditching What Drains You for What Truly Sustains You

Are you feeling overworked, under-valued and stretched to the max?

Unfortunately for many women, it's an all too familiar story. In order to "have it all" we think we also have to "do it all." 

We were taught that being overwhelmed and overworked just comes with the territory. 

Now, look I'm not saying that working hard is a bad thing, AT ALL. I am ALL for hard work. 

But what about the values of self-love, self-worth and self-esteem? Isn't there a balance? Shouldn't there be?

Mojo: A Healthy combination of work, rest and play driven by an innate sense of purpose

I'm not asking you to give up your work ethic, I'm asking you to fully embrace it…

To channel it into the RIGHT outlets: the ones that create maximum personal and professional success.

Together, we will identify and eliminate all the time-wasters and energy pits in your life. I'll help you let go of drama and excuses that are holding you back. 

You will have a clear vision and be 100% in control at all times. You emerge from these 5 days strong and unstoppable. 

And most importantly, we will establish once and for all that… 

Self first is NOT selfish. 


Hi, I'm Christina Guidotti

When I bravely ended my 29 year marriage in 2015, I felt totally broken. I cried every day for 6 months. My kids' teenage years were eventful to say the least! At times I even thought I'd failed them... but we got through it. 


Through those same values of self-love, self-worth and self-esteem.

Now, at 51 years of age, I'm a proud mum, an empty-nester, a friend, a business woman, a property owner and an investor. 


I can honestly say I've arrived at something equally unexpected after decades of what felt like a big pot of boiling emotional pain and struggle. But the journey was worth it because I found my purpose: 


Helping busy working women create a life of inner peace, personal power and purpose-driven productivity.

Over the last 10 years I've refined, tested and mastered what I call the Body, Mind & Soul Routine (among many other things). And I thought, you know what, what better time to share this transformational technique than during a pandemic?!

Many of us are stuck at home. There is literally NO better time to dive deep and learn about ourselves.

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* It's totally free

5-Days of

FREE Transformative Trainings designed to help you create a life you love and DESERVE

We were going to charge $199 for this 5 Day Kickstart, but I've decided to do it totally FREE. These 5 Days are too important to have any barriers to your sustainable success. 

Here's what we're going to focus on during our 5 days together:


Establish inner peace by reconnecting with what really matters to you.


Reclaim your power and your voice from building a rock solid foundation. 


Go from reactive to proactive in a direction that's 100% aligned with your values.

* It's totally free


Here's how the 5-day Kickstart works...

At 4pm EST / 1 pm PST, I'm going to go LIVE in our private Mojo Kickstart Facebook Community with an easy-to-follow, proven and powerful training designed to help you create a life of inner peace, personal power and purpose-driven productivity.

You'll also be invited to join our Power Hour Tuesday every day at 8pm ET / 5pm PT. This is your time to ask me questions about the daily training and stay accountable and on track with your progress! 


By the end of the FREE


you'll have...

  • Better relationships with yourself and the people that matter most 
  • More time to spend with your family, friends, and on personal projects 
  • Better mental, physical and emotional health (whatever that means to YOU!) 
  • A general sense of peace and flowing more easily through the day
  • Activated my PROVEN 9-step morning routine for maximum productivity
  • Hang out and celebrate wins with other Mojo Mavens  
  • A concrete idea of what you want in life AND a proven roadmap to get there


5-Day Kickstart

"Christina reminded me of my conviction and commitment to myself. I'd forgotten my dreams, and realised how small I've been living. It's time to dream big and live big!"

Jean Adams


"I joined a boot camp class, which I still attend 4 times per week. I drink my lemon and ginger tea every morning. I've continued to improve on my meditation. Christina's techniques gave me such a boost!" 

Paige Anderson


"Conviction means there is NO excuse now to 'have' purpose and live a life 'with' purpose. I know better now, I have been prepared, I am educated. I live my life with integrity and now understand that taking care of self first is NOT selfish."

Markela Morfoulis

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Day 1: September 14th

Overcome the Overwhelm 

4pm ET / 1pm PT

  • Identity energy leaks and time-wasters  
  • Take the powerful quiz to find out your personal Fulfillment Score + how to improve it
  • Ditch what drains you and instead do what sustains you

Mojo Power Hour

8pm ET / 5pm PT

  • Dedicated LIVE Q&A with Christina! 



DAY 2: September 15th

Powerful Morning Routine

4pm ET / 1pm PT

  • Why creating Your Body, Mind & Soul Routine is the BEST thing you can do for yourself
  • Cultivate an attitude of gratitude (and how it will change your whole life)
  • Leverage your body's natural energy cycle to wake up powerful and sleep peacefully!
  • My 9-step kick-ass morning routine backed by 15 years of personal productivity proof.

Mojo Power Hour

8pm ET / 5pm PT

  • Dedicated LIVE Q&A with Christina! 

Day 3: September 16th

Deliberate Decision Making 

4pm ET / 1pm PT

  • Dive deep into what's holding you back (Are you self-sabotaging? Find out!)
  • Discover what really matters and ditch what doesn't
  • Go from reactive to proactive in your day-to-day life

Mojo Power Hour

8pm ET / 5pm PT

  • Dedicated LIVE Q&A with Christina! 

Ready to start every day powerful, stay productive all day long and sleep peacefully?


* It's totally free


Day 4: September 17th

Productive & Constructive

4pm ET / 1pm PT

  • 10 game-changing productivity tools for personal and professional success
  • Banish the BS once and for all with my excuse-free, drama-free strategy that will set you free

Mojo Power Hour

8pm ET / 5pm PT

  • Dedicated LIVE Q&A with Christina! 

Day 5: September 18th

A Life of Unapologetic Freedom

4pm ET / 1pm PT

  • Take the True Believer test and discover what it takes to create and maintain a Mojo Mindset!
  • Create powerful progress with 10 essential tools for super-productivity
  • Discover my Growth Formula for massive personal and professional success

Mojo Power Hour

8pm ET / 5pm PT

  • Dedicated LIVE Q&A with Christina! 

September 22nd


4pm ET / 1pm PT

  • Join me for a celebration of everything we've accomplished together (Bring your BIG WINS -- you'll have many!) 
  • This is the final piece of the puzzle where we'll synthesize all 5-days worth of training to create the life you DESERVE! 
  • I'll show you how everything we've learned works together so you can continue achieving your personal and professional goals, even in this challenging environment. 
  • We'll have exciting surprise guests and you'll get the chance to win amazing prizes!


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* It's totally free



"Christina gave me the kickstart I needed. This year has been such a challenge for me health wise and I so desperately wanted my Mojo back. I am back to exercise. I have re-written my Value Based Directions. I have a weekly plan for the future. I am not making excuses. I am staying out of drama. I am back!"

Patti Steele


"I lost 8 kgs (17.5 lbs). I sleep better. I am healthier, fitter, stronger and less stressed. My relationships have strengthened and I have clarity around my goals. Don't get me wrong, stressful shit still happens, the difference is I can deal with it effectively because I am looking after my body, mind and soul."

Paige McNeil


"Yesterday I was thrown with a work curveball that would have previously knocked me totally off kilter and ruined my day. Not today though! I cannot believe that following a routine like this can make such a huge, positive impact!"

Katherine Lefevre

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