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8-week program helping busy working women go from stretched & drained to successful & sustained


Restore the belief in yourself, the courage of your convictions and commit to a life centered around the things that

truly matter

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How would you like to BANISH these phrases from your vocabulary

once and for all?

“I don’t have time…” 

“Mum’s busy right now.” 

“Awww, I wish I could! But I have to do X, Y and Z” 

One of the most difficult AND most important responsibilities in our life is being deliberate and strategic with how we spend our time. Time is a truly non-renewable resource and each of us has a finite amount at our disposal. 

So how do you spend your time wisely and without regret? 

How do you make sure that you’ve ALWAYS got time for the things that matter MOST?

For now, the best step is to realize that... 


Having it all does NOT require doing it all.



Hi, I'm

Christina Guidotti

I started this journey to empower working women (like you!) to design a life of Inner Peace, Personal Power, Purposeful Productivity and Prosperity from your Passions.

So how exactly are we going to accomplish ALL of that over the next 8 weeks in the More Mojo Program?

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At the beginning of the More Mojo Program, we will set your personal and professional goals for the future. Each week, I’ll be checking in to make sure you’re on track towards those targets.



I’ll release a new video training each of the 8 weeks of the program, designed to help you start unloading what’s holding you back and making powerful progress in the areas that matter most to YOU. I’ll be there to coach you every step of the way and we’ll have lots of expert bonus trainings designed to increase your clarity and confidence in both life and business.



Let go of stress with drama-free, excuse-free accountability! My team, the More Mojo tribe and I will hold you accountable to reaching those value based directions you set earlier 😉

This combination of education, mentorship and accountability leads to massive personal and professional growth in 3 key areas:

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When you join The More Mojo Program, you'll get

  • Weekly training packed with proven strategies that work as hard as you do 
  • Weekly Live Q&As with Christina
  • Weekly workbooks and Fillable Templates (ie. Budget Tracker) 
  • Printable posters and checklists proven to keep you focussed and accountable 
  • Unlimited 24/7 access to the Members Training Portal from any device
  • Access to our Private More Mojo Facebook Group where we'll share new strategies, wins from our members and hold you accountable to reach your highest goals

Results from More Mojo Mentees


“I lost 8 kgs (17.5 lbs), I sleep better, I am healthier, fitter, stronger and less stressed. My relationships have strengthened and I have clarity around my goals. Don’t get me wrong, stressful shit still happens, the difference is I can deal with it effectively because I am looking after my body, mind and soul. Do the work and get your mojo back. As Christina says – no excuses!!”

Paige McNeil


“Working with Christina as my Mojo mentor has enriched my life in ways that I did not think possible. For instance, she has helped me achieve commercial success, increasing my profit by 100% in the last 12 months, while living a life true to my values.” 

Jean Brown


“My husband works 6-7 days a week at the moment and leaves at 6:30am. With 2 young boys, I struggle to fit in my exercise! I’ve never been a morning person but since having kids and following the Body, Mind and Soul Routine I now have more purpose and can jump out of bed earlier and with ease.”

Markela Morfoulis


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* Doors are OPEN now but closing soon

Here’s exactly

what your next 8 weeks could look like

Week One

Reclaim Your Game, Rewrite the Frame

28th September

In Week 1 we’ll… 

  • Discover what Mojo is all about & why we begin your transformation from the inside out. 
  • Create a Weekly Life Plan aligned with your Value-based Directions.
  • Discover and activate your Secret Weapon for Excellence in Productivity to create massive momentum. 
Week Two

Diagnose & Design Your Life

5th October

In Week 2 we’ll… 

  • Restore your belief in yourself, courage of your conviction & commitment to what truly matters. 
  • Take my SWOT Analysis to assess your current outlook. (Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds!) 
  • Complete the Fulfillment Score checklist to find out if you’re sustained or drained & what to do about it.
Week Three

Morning Routine for Inner Peace

12th October

In Week 3 we’ll… 

  • Implement my Mind, Body, Soul Routine hundreds of women have used to create personal and professional success. 
  • Increase self-love, self-worth, self-esteem from your head to your feet.  
  • Play Self Care Bingo! You’ll love this one!
Week Four

Crystal Clear & Aligned with What Matters

19th October

In Week 4 we’ll… 

  • Create your Value List and then fashion your life according to those values. 
  • Map out your vision, road towards personal and professional success (whatever that means to you!)
  • Discover your true purpose & how to lead others to become a living legacy!
Week Five

Value-driven Decision Making

26th October

In Week 5 we’ll… 

  • Discuss what to do & when to do it so you make the most powerful progress possible.  
  • Learn techniques to go from passive to active & make decisions aligned with your values.
  • Learn the 4 key principles to move powerfully and swiftly from Desire to Destination.
Week Six

Purpose-driven Productivity

2nd November

In Week 6 we’ll…  

  • Open the vault of my own personal resources like my Recommended Reading List, Month and Yearly Budget Tracker and even my personal grocery list!
  • Create a Weekly Life Plan aligned with your Value-based Directions.
  • Clean out the clutter with the 10 Essential Tools for Productivity.
Week Seven

Always Time for What Matters

9th November

In Week 7 we’ll…  

  • How to split your time evenly and efficiently between friends, family, personal and professional growth. 
  • Take the Freedom Test and learn how to NEVER act out of obligation again!
  • Create and LIVE out your ideal days with more room for JOY!
Week Eight

Prosperity, Abundance & Freedom

16th November

In Week 8 we’ll…  

  • Put it all together with my True Believer Principles for dependable sustainable Mojo.  
  • Create a vision board that leads to a life of unapologetic freedom and purpose driven prosperity. 
  • Cultivate conviction and the stamina you need to maintain your Mojo, no matter what obstacles life throws your way.
Bonus Training!

For business leaders

23rd November

  • 14 Tips for Successful Business Owners 
  • Prospective Employee Interview Template 
  • Weekly Reflection & Progress Tracker

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* Doors are OPEN now but closing soon

The result?

Over the next 8 weeks, day by day, you’ll design a life of Inner Peace, Personal Power, Purposeful Productivity and Prosperity from your Passions. 

You’ll bounce out of bed, ready to tackle the day. You’ll have a clear vision of where you want to go and all the tools and resources you need to get there. When you make decisions aligned with your values, you never have to question yourself or look back. 

You’ll ALWAYS have time for the things that truly matter because you’ve built in room for the beautiful mishaps, inevitable roadblocks and obstacles that get in the way. 

And you’ll sleep peacefully at night knowing you’ve got a tribe of other smart, supportive and successful women to call upon… 

We’ve got each other’s backs, no matter what the rest of 2020 throws our way.

Speaking of

Unexpected surprises…

I love to reward people who are deliberate and decisive. That’s why we’re giving away Exclusive, 30-minute Group Coaching Calls every day this week!


If you sign up on Tuesday 22nd (that’s Wednesday 23rd for Aus and NZ), you get ALL 4: 

  • Boost Your Body Mind & Soul Routine
  • Powerful Productivity Hacks 
  • Make More Sales
  • Destination: Next Level

If you sign up on Wednesday 23rd (that’s Thursday 24th for Aus and NZ), you get 3: 

  • Powerful Productivity Hacks
  • Make More Sales
  • Destination: Next Level

If you sign up on Thursday 24th (that’s Friday 25th for Aus and NZ), you get 2: 

  • Make More Sales
  • Destination: Next Level

If you sign up Friday 25th (that’s Saturday 26th for Aus and NZ), you get: 

  • Destination: Next Level


Which is right for you?
Weekly LIVE training videos + unlimited access to recordings
Weekly Live Q&As with Christina (plus access to recordings)
Weekly workbooks and Fillable Templates (ie. Budget Tracker)
Access to our Private More Mojo Facebook Group
Leverage Your Success Book Bundle: "How To Have It All" and "The True Believers"
THE INVESTMENT 1 Payment of $999
(Save $195)
6 Monthly Payments of $199

there is no better investment than YOU

If you pay-in-full today you’ll get our exclusive BONUS, the Leverage Your Success Book Bundle: How To Have It All and The True Believers!

1 Payment of $999
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Remember, you’ll get unlimited access to the complete More Mojo Program curriculum!

6 Monthly Payments of $199

Results from More Mojo MenteesCheck out what boosting your Mojo looks like from these incredible Mojo Mentees


“Believing in myself and having the courage to do what matters has doubled my income all whilst having a baby in the middle of it!”

Tara Torkkola


“I have found the time for meditation in the morning which has just been so breathtaking. I feel like I have had much more patience with my children. My oldest son even commented that he “likes when mom wakes up early!” I have never invested in myself and I am proud that I took the time to do it.”

Nadine Selinger


“My alcohol consumption reduced, my yoga practice increased, mindfulness and exercise increased, I am committed to the Body Mind and Soul Routine and focused on my goals.”

Jade Lee

* Doors are OPEN now but closing soon


Of course, if you have any questions, message them to me at and and my team and I will get right back to you. 

Remember, the doors are closing at midnight on Friday and won’t open for some time. 

I sincerely hope you’ll join us in the More Mojo Program and I can’t wait to help you design a life of inner peace, personal power, purposeful productivity and prosperity from your passions. 

To your success, 

Christina Guidotti


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* Doors are OPEN now but closing on Friday!

 (That’s Saturday 26th for AUS and NZ)

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